About us

We believe in providing top quality service at the best prices, in accordance with commitment to value, quality and reliability, and respect for our customers, suppliers, resellers and employees.

Packard-J was established in 2018 to provide up to date solutions to individuals, families, small businesses and corporate clients in the focal areas of Internet Safety, Privacy on Smart Phones & Tablets, Satellite Navigation and Tracking.

Our  solutions range from standalone personal computers and smart phones to multi-user and LAN based systems. We welcome Indivudials as clients however small and promise competitive pricing.

In addition to our commitment, our technical team is well experienced in the hardware and software arena of the solutions we implement. We have solid partnerships with key technology providers across the globe in the areas where we operate and customer satisfaction is our pride.

Packard-J strives to provide our clients with solutions and services that maximize safety and business productivity at value for money pocket friendly pricing.

We are not trying to compete with those that are selling anything and everything, regardless of the brand or product quality or experience with the product. The services and products under our portfolio have been used extensively by other customers. They have been tried and tested and whilst they might not always be the cheapest, they offer the best value for money.

Don’t wait to join a growing list of satisfied clients.