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Packardj Limited began as a concept for Child Safety Online and Offline and satellite location services in early 2017, with a complete Vision and Mission. The planning was in progress, and slowly developed. In February 2017 the logo was designed, the business Tin Number: 1012731579 

In February 28th 2018, the company was incorporated and the core founders of PACKARDJ LIMITED moved to work full time for the company, recruiting all other crucial positions. From this point, the company started to grow steadily getting a good reception by many businesses due to its specialization, the competencies of its people and due to the Information Technology Solutions requirement in the region. In July 2018, the Company also moved in CCTV Surveillance Systems, Alarm Systems for homes and Businesses, Computer Networking and IT supplies.

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We cater for all types of ser vices Regardless of the size and multitude because we have the expertise and experience in the field. We Meet all the expectations of our clients through tech innovative technical practices and delivery of excellent services on time.


Our core objective is to provide our clients with quality experiences when we are chosen to execute the projects.


To provide cost savings, security and business operations by providing innovative and complete solutions.


To be the leading IT security solution services internationally .

core value

our emphasis on clear Communication and follow-through Procedures ensures that client’s Objectives are top priority in the Planning and execution of all our Processes.


PACKARDJ combines the skills, commitment, specialization and experience of its staffs to help businesses best focus on what they do in a most productive way while securing their assets and beloved ones against malicious activities. 


PACKARDJ was established to help businesses use technology in increasing productivity and cutting cost, while protecting their valuable assets against threats by avoiding potential risks. 


The core of the highly IT skilled and experienced team at PACKARDJ LIMITED has been together after successful individual careers with a number of major multinational IT corporate sectors.  These professionals are members of several international professional bodies. 


The combination of these professional’s skills does not only build a strong professional competency for Packardj but also gives an ability to view and analyse IT Solutions and any possible risks from different dimensions.  


Packard-J is a Kampala based Tech company that specializes in satellite location services, Alarm systems for Homes & Businesses, Computer Networking, IT supplies and CCTV Surveillance Systems.  We provide quality satellite aided location services and products to individuals, small, medium and large companies. Our car tracking services covers both individual or personal cars and Entire fleets. In addition we also offer asset tracking, offline satellite navigation, personnel tracking (loved ones, kids, employees etc.). We also provide online child safety services, CCTV video surveillance for private homes , businesses and public infrastructure with remote viewing capabilities, supply of all computer devices like computer desktops, laptops, Printers, photocopiers, printer Tonners and Computer Networking for business e.g LAN Setup , WAN Setup. Our offices are located in Wandegeya HAM TOWERS 2ND FLOOR RM: HM75, Makerere Hill road Plot 923 Kampala – Uganda, P.O BOX 27256 Kampala – Uganda.


  • Child Safety online and offline
  • Car tracking and fleet management
  • Child Tracking
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Alarms Systems and access controls for Homes and Businesses
  • Data and Information Security
  • Computer Networking and IT supplies
  • Architectural and engineering consultancy
  • Surveying


As a customers’ trusted business partner, PACKARDJ LIMITEDLIMITED provides the best security solutions services for businesses to help executives, IT Professionals and the business at large maximize business productivity and best protect company’s information that is to say on laptops, desktops and also smart phones

PACKARDJ LIMITEDLIMITED is recognized as the first firm to focus on Child Safety Online and Offline Solutions for your beloved kids under 18 years old to protect them against pornographic videos & images, Cyber bullying, unwanted sites.

In today’s demanding and competitive business environment, The Company also provides satellite location services for cars, Asset, Home Devices and individual Tracking 


Our solutions are built around proven industrial practices and security solutions.  We have partnership with industrial known best solution providers and security companies. This helps us guide, implement and maintain IT Solutions and security services for our customers.  

Because PACKARDJ aims into providing complete IT Solutions and provide a risk free business environment to its customers, it does not only bring IT Solutions and Information Security to organisations but also skills required to plan, assess, identify, quantify, monitor, manage, control and mitigate risks. PACKARDJ LIMITED strives into exceeding its customers’ expectations without compromising the project’s quality, cost and time. Long life relationship and capacity building to our customers is the compass that drives PACKARDJ.

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How to protect your identity and keep your family and devices safe from online threats

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  • cctv surveillance and access control systems – ugachick poultry breeders – magigye
  • cctv surveillance systems – j. ssekunbunga poultry breeders – kalungu
  • cctv surveillance for different private homes
  • car tracking installations and fleet management for ugachick – magigye
  • car tracking installations and fleet management for ugachick – magigye
  • car tracking installations and fleet management for Bayport financial services
  • car tracking installations and fleet management for j.ssekunbunga limited
  • car tracking installations and fleet management for prime safaris and tours

our team

We have highly qualified professionals of diverse disciplines in engineering, project management, business, research and administration.

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Musinguzi rogers

managing director

packard j