Smart Phone Privacy and Security

Smartphone adoption continues to climb all around us, mobile applications, or apps, are becoming increasingly important tools that offer access to everything from latest gossip, news and social networking sites to online banking, calendar, reminder and maps.

There is a free app to download for many tasks, whatsapp, facebook, gmail, water bills payment, mobile banking, mobile money, online food purchase, online shops, name it.

We have grown to trust our smart phones and they know too much about our private lives. A typical smartphone has your very private pictures, private communications on whats app, facebook SMS, phone records, where you have been and much much more.

Many of us are living under the illusion that our smart phones are safe and all that information in there is under key and lock. Thanks to our secret pin codes, screen lock and password.

The facts are different however, there are many ways of circumventing even the longest PIN codes and passwords to reveal secrets of mobile phones.

Without well thought out protection, your smartphone once connected to the Internet or a computer can expose your private information. Cyber criminals, Business rivals, Sexual Partners can easily get their hands on your private information on that smart phone.

Have you thought about why

  1. Your Internet bundle gets finished so quickly?
  2. That free game or app you downloaded is free?
  3. Facebook WhatsApp and others are free?
  4. That battery drains so fast yet the phone is new?.
  5. Every once in a while you have to update your software?
  6. The picture could reveal much more than you wanted?

Have you cared to see who your smart phone is talking to without your permission behind your back?  Sounds like science fiction right? It is not.

We will show you everything and in addition make your mobile phone truly private. We will cut off all unauthorized information exchange between your phone and the Internet. Our products include smart phone sanitization, malware/virus/spyware removal, Cell Phone Encryption, Data protection, Apps protection, Anti-theft and recovery.

Still not convinced? Pass by and we’ll see.

Give us a call today and let’s take back privacy of your data from now onwards.