Personal Computer Privacy and Security

Securing Your Computer to Maintain Your Privacy is an uphill task even for techie savvy individuals. It requires in-depth understanding of all aspects of the Personal Computer or Laptop that relate to privacy and security.  Unfortunately rapidly changing technology often renders such knowledge obsolete in due time.

There are many reasons you may consider securing your computer or laptop;

  • Protecting business secrets
  • Secure those private photos and emails
  • Removing your private information beyond recovery before you sell or dispose
  • Worried that someone is snooping on your computer
  • Worried that a thief may steal it along with the information
  • Just want top level privacy
  • You share your computer with others and you are worried about them accessing your information.
  • Your data bundles are running out faster than they should be
  • Worried about hackers and rivals

Whatever your reasons are we can have the expertise.

We will turn your computer into an information vault and guarantee your privacy during the warranty period. We will ensure that all your information is properly and adequately secured and will show you how to work with your computer securely.  

Thinking of disposing that computer, Let our experts show you how much information you are giving away to whoever is taking over. Then we will clean it up for you ensuring that your information is truly private.

When we are done with your laptop or computer, you will be rest assured that your private information is truly private.

We will also show you satety and privacy features in built into your computer so you can do it for yourseft and others next time.

Current support is limited to All versions of Microsoft Windows (TM) starting from Windows 7.

Don’t wait for regrets. Pass by our offices, give us a call or send us email.