Online safety and productivity monitoring for small businesses

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Does this sound familiar? Deadlines are looming, a project hasn’t even got off the ground and prospective clients are still just that, prospective.  Debts are soaring, that work plan is not yet finalized, the strategic plan is taking ages to be finalized, the presentation is still in draft and meeting is tomorrow.

Yet, despite all these pressing issues, those employees still have time for from Facebook, or Twitter and spend hours on WhatsApp. Meeting after meeting you pronounce yourself and threaten every one. Well we can help with that.

You have a fleet of marketers and sales people who your resources visiting friends instead of looking for business. They lie to you about their daily schedules and meetings. Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Trojan Horses have found a home in your business computers and gadgets.

There’s no denying the vital role the internet has played in expanding small businesses. From finding new clients, sending price quotations, submitting tax returns, online banking, online presentations, name it.

The world online provides a wealth of opportunity for business development, but it can also present an unavoidable array of distractions. A survey in 2017 this year by a top research firm show 43% of respondents lost an hour of productivity a day because they were checking social media, emails, you tube and gossip sites. These were salaried workers in small businesses and of corporate class.

Short of moving your office into the wilderness or blocking internet access completely (something neither practical nor easy to accomplish in our connected world) it can be incredibly difficult to distance yourself from online distractions, which can have a huge impact on workplace productivity.

So, how do you stop the temptation of browsing Agokya, Amasengejje, Agataliko nfufu articles or watching cat videos on YouTube when you should be working on a proposal? With more technology of course.

Our packages will help Increase productivity by getting all your devices under control. Get to know what how your staff uses devices and Internet resources. Our technology helps you optimize device and internet use, eliminate time wasting and enforce your acceptable use policies.

Identify those employees who spend time on Facebook instead of your work. Eliminate those marketers who go on holiday daily instead of doing your work.

Eliminate fake field agents, researchers who lie about their where about. Block harmful websites and content before it gets to your business gadgets.

Give us a call to day or visit our premises and let’s show how best out technologies can make your workforce more productive.