Internet Safety for Kids and Teens (Home, Family, Schools)

The internet is a fabulous resource for kids, whether it's Wikipedia for helping with homework, online games, social networks, videos, music and more. However, there are an equal number of websites that you wouldn’t want them going anywhere near. One of the greatest challenges facing parents these days is how to ensure that their children remain safe online.

With so many kids now having tablets, smartphones, or PCs of their own, it’s increasingly difficult to know what content they access and who they’re meeting on the web.

Children are going online at younger and younger ages
As a parent, you need to be concerned about safety issues when your kids are online. You don't want your children to be contacted by strangers or get exposed to things that they are too young to handle.
Too much screen time playing games, on social media, or phone addiction isn't that great for your kids either.

While most kids are just watching videos or playing games, other kids are going to end up being exposed to something dangerous online and you don't want that kid to be yours.

A wide open Internet is unsafe for children. Pornography and other adult content are available with ease to curious young minds, and often appear without any explicit action on the part of the child. Social media web sites can impose uncomfortable or offensive interactions with others pretending to be “friends”.

Online Threats for children

Depending on the age of the child our kids face various threats online.

Ages  3-7 years

  • Inappropirate content in form of pornography
  • Bad images, Innapropriate video clips, Bad language
  • Early addiction to smart phones, tablets and computers
  • Early addition to gaming

Ages 8-12

In addtion to all the threats of 3-7 years,

  • Cyber bullying
  • Early exposure to bad habitts
  • Extreme gaming and Social media addiction

Ages 13 - 17

In additon to all the above threats children in this age bracket face more 

  • Online sexaul exploitation
  • Online sexual predators
  • Online Exposure to Drugs and bad habits
  • Online Radicalism (religion, fashion, culture)
  • Online crime
  • Online gambeling
  • Identity theft
  • Character assasination

In addition to many other ermeging threats.

Parental Nightmare

Parents labor so much to instill discpline on to thier children in the real physical world. However, as gadgets take root in the lives of our children there is a whole new world of exposure where most parents are not.
The smart phone, the tablet (Ipad), the laptop and the computer are changing the way our children are exposed to the world without parental overshight.  In the past, the Internet was limited to computes and laptops in Internet cafes and offices. Today wide spread most smart phones have brought Internet access to children in many homes and schools. Sure, your kids know not to talk to strangers in public, but have you made it clear that the same rule applies online?

Most parents believe they can keep thier children safe by denying them acess to smartphones or gadgets. It is a falsy as most kids will eventually get online using a freind's phone or gadget in secrecy. The best way is to allow them controlled exposure using our techology that gives you parental control on their phones and gadgets.

What we can do for you as a parent.

We realise that you cannot tackle a problem you do not understand. So we have assembled training packages to help parents and guardians understand online and offline dangers to children.
Our training includes

  • Social Media Risks, Messaging safety and privacy
  • Cyberbullying – online stalking
  • Sexting & Sex Predators
  • Gaming and Online gaming issues
  • Online Grooming (The rules)
  • New Apps/Games to be aware of
  • Managing kids digital devices – parental controls
  • A Digital Footprint – What others see about you and your family online
  • Protecting your child from adult content – strangers online
  • Balancing your child’s screen time
  • Avoiding online scams – Virus’s
  • Online Security Basics
  • Getting on board with your child’s digital world
  • Resources to help Children & Parents

In addition we provide the technology to help you extend parenting to your children's digital world. 

At PackardJ we specialise in child protection online and offline on all sorts of gadgets.

Our promise is;

  1. Simple up-to-date technology
  2. At pocket friendly prices
  3. For a wide range of gadgets

Our technology will drastically minimize the risk of your child vulnable to the online threats detailed above.

We have wild range of child safety software products to choose from depending on the;

  • Age of your child or children,
  • The type of gadget they have (A smart phone, A tablet such as ipad, A home computer, A laptop, gaming console such as Playstation, Xbox)
  • Level of exposure to Internet Usage (startet, conversant, addicted)
  • How much control you as a parent or guardian you desire to have on thier gadgets. ( Excessive control is not recommended for teenagers especially

Features selection

  • Web site blocking by category, including pornography, illegal drugs, personals/dating, violence/hate/Gambling/Gaming/webcams
  • Easy pre-set levels to choose from depending on the age of your children
  • SafeSearch enabled on all search engines to show cleaner search results (for google, Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook)
  • Time restrictions on gadgets to disallow internet access during designated times
  • Time restrictions on gadgets to disallow access to gadgets during designated times (homework, sleep, church, physical workout, etc)
  • Custom “always allow” and “always block” lists for your personal preferences
  • Ability to override a block with the parent password
  • Tamper resistant for more savvy kids (Bright kids who knwo too much)
  • Reports showing activity to categories of web sites
  • Real-time categorization of new web sites
  • Elimination of unwanted adverts that keep poping up in apps.
  • Choose which apps can connect to the internet
  • Social media monitoring for the kids - whatsapp, facebook, twitter (friends, contacts, messages, events etc)
  • Search terms monitoring
  • Realtime location of the kids using satellite techonlogy (Anti Kidnap, Anti-child loss)
  • Mobile App lockdwon at predifined times
  • Forbidden Mobile App (permanent lock down)
  • Data privacy to safegaurd private pictures, videos, SMS, whatsapp content for parents sharing smart phone, tablet or computers with kids.
  • Get to know thier friends
  • Block unwanted text messages and calls
  • Built in Parental controls for iphone, Andorid, Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • Built in Parental Controls for PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, and other common gaming consoles
  • Assessment & Rating of Mobile phone Apps for child suitability
  • Assessment of computer games for child sutability (violence, explicity content, language, risk of addiction)

Training services

  • Online Safety for Pre-Primary Kids (for parents and kids) -2 hour
  • Online Safety for Kids 7- 12 years (for parents and kids)  -2 hours
  • Online Safety for Teenagers 13-17 Years (for teenagers and parents) - 3 Hours
  • Keeping your data private on and Android Phone (for parents) -2 Hours
  • Keeping your data private on a shared computer (for parents) - 3 Hours
  • Parenting digital kids. Half day  (for parents) - 4 hours

Trainings are conducted at our offices or your location. We providet the training materials.

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